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How a Wood Pelletizer Works

by Pellet Presses - January 6th, 2012.
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The process of making pellets to be used as fuels cells in either boilers or pellet stoves involves the use of a wood pelletizer. This machine also known as a wood pellet mill is specially made to turn biomass such as wood shavings, grass and straws into pellets. But how exactly do these machines work? This is the general overview of the workings of a wood mill.

First of all, the dried biomass goes into the wood pellet mill and it is passed through perforated pressure plates. The biomass is compressed between these two plates and it comes out through the perforated plate. This is where the pellets get their cylindrical shape as well as their compact nature. This is a very general overview of how a wood pelletizer works. There are other processes that go inside the wood pellet mill leading to the production of pellets of course. But the process does not end here. The newly made pellets are supposed to be cooled down before they are stored or packaged to prevent them from crumbling.