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The Guidelines for Pellet making

by Pellet Presses - July 27th, 2011.
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For you to start making your own pellets there are various principles that you will need to know about. This is in regard to the size of particles, moisture content, and the variety of raw material that you can use.

Moisture content: The moisture content of the raw materials ought to be kept at level that are lower than 16%. In order to make high quality pellets, mechanical force ought to be used for the unrefined materials to bond. If the moisture content of the materials is high, then the quality of the pellets will be poor. Additionally, when there is friction between the pellets heat is produced and if the temperature within the pellets exceeds the 90o C the moisture in the pellets will begin being gaseous.

Size of the Particles:A hammer mill should be used to crush raw material into a uniform size before being fed into the pellet press. Wood shaving can cause blockages on the feed machines, whereas larger blocks can also make a pellet machine to have mechanical breakdown. When pelleting reeds or straws, they foremost ought to be sliced to a point where they will flow freely and onto the hammer mill.

Variety of Raw materials:  The most commonly used raw materials for making pellets are wood chipping and other form of biomass. The materials you use will depend on what kind of pellets you are making.